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This sort of form collects the meeting date, the name of the organization hosting the meeting, the subject covered by the chairperson, and the signature of. FAQs for the Proof of AA Attendance Form.

You can electronically sign your printable aa na attendance sheet by following the detailed procedures below. Essential Elements of AA Attendance Proof Forms. A common form is used to track attendance at AA meetings: the alcoholics anonymous sign-in attendance sheet. Select “Download” from the menu.

Aa na meeting sign in sheet.

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Record of Attendance for Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous Meeting. where the AA meeting is being held. Examples of attendance verification documents.

Form for the AA Attendance Verification Log. Never again lose your sign-in sheet by leaving your pen and paper behind. The person mentioned above must go to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.

We would appreciate a group member signing this attendance sheet at the conclusion of each meeting. Please send this form and your Monthly Supervision Report to your probation officer. Aa na attendance document for the meeting, date, and group member signature.

There should be very few essential details on this sheet. Form for Confirming Attendance at AA Meetings. Form for Meeting Attendance Date Group Time Your Name Signature of the group leaders.

Never again lose your sign-in sheet by leaving your pen and paper behind. Simply tap to sign in, followed by the signature of another participant. Meeting for D-Discussion Anonymous use of cocaine Speaker Meeting for SP Drug Addicts Anonymous Big Book Study Meetings or SB-Step Drug Addicts Anonymous Attendance at RECOVERY PROGRAM MEETINGS Meeting types denote both a general and a specific type.

Please be sure to provide the meeting’s date, time, and location. State Attendance Record Form for AA-NA. Sign-in sheet a.

THIS FORM MUST BE SIGNED BY THE MEETING SECRETARY AFTER THE MEETING HAS ENDED. This sheet is a simple method to keep track of all meetings in one location, whether you are required to attend or are just trying to maintain good habits. With signnow, you can rapidly fill out, securely sign, print, or email your na meeting sheet form.

The meeting’s date Location, contact information, and telephone The meeting secretary’s signature It is now time to sign this document. a seal with the organization leader’s signature. Attendance is aa-na. The record below is an accurate reflection of the AANA meetings I have attended, and it includes the defendant’s name and the officer’s name.

All I have to do is make some copies. Form for an individual AA attendance sheet. Sign-in sheet a.

How to Fill Out a Proof of Attendance Form. signing sheet for the NA meeting. signing this attendance sheet at the conclusion of each meeting.

I am aware that changing or falsifying this document may be against the law. officers of probation and parole favor Meeting logging is secure and simple with Therify. This includes additional software to stop the proof of attendance sheets from being altered or forged, as well as the pdf-generating and e-signatures software.

Meeting attendance sheet: AA NA DATE NAME OF GROUP SIGNATURE. When attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, those who require proof of attendance use the sign-in sheet as a means of verification.

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